Our Services

Our Services

Optometric Examination

It is recommended to have your eyes tested biannually and contact lens wearers annually.

Scleral Contact lens

Scleral contact lenses offer sharp vision and comfort for dry eyes, irregular corneas or hard-to-fit eyes

Binocular vision testing

We provide comprehensive eye examinations which include the testing of binocular vision


Keratometry is the measurement of the corneal curvature; corneal curvature determines the power of the cornea


A pachymeter is a medical device used to measure the thickness of the eye’s cornea. It is used to perform corneal pachymetry prior to refractive surgery

Corneal Topography

Corneal topography is a non-invasive medical imaging technique for mapping the surface curvature of the cornea, the outer structure of the eye.


Or Ortho-K for short is a non-surgical and reversible procedure in which custom-designed contact lens devices are used to gently reshape the cornea.

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Visual Field Screening

We provide visual field tests to measure the central and side vision for each of your eyes

Refractive Status Evaluation

The refraction test is an eye exam that measures a person’s prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Tonometry (Non-contact)

Tonometry is performed to determine the intraocular pressure (IOP), the fluid pressure inside the eye.

Dilated Fundus Examination

The use of mydriatic eye drops  to dilate the pupil in order to obtain a better view of the fundus of the eye

C Lens Consultation

Includes an eye health check, a discussion on lens types and suitability, a wear and care teach and an in-store trial of your chosen lens.

Photography of Fundus

This test involves the photographic examination of the structures of the eye to document the condition of the eye, detect abnormalities, and assist in following the progress of treatment.

Drivers Screening

Let us assist you in determining if you need eyeglasses or contact lenses while you are driving.

Ocular Pathology Screening

We are able to provide diagnosis and characterization for all diseases of the eyes.

Colour Vision Screening

A colour vision test measures your ability to tell the difference among colours.

Cycloplegic Refraction

A cycloplegic refraction is a procedure used to determine a person’s complete refractive error


A rigid gas permeable lens, also known as RGP lens or GP lens, is a rigid contact lens made of oxygen-permeable polymers

Low Vision Assessment

The assessing of the functional needs, capabilities and limitations of the patient’s visual system, assessing ocular and systemic diseases and their impact on functional vision